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Ithaca NY Wedding at Celebrations Banquet Facility

Jeff & Natalie’s Amazing Wedding


Such a beautiful, wonderful, and amazing couple. Jeff & Natalie’s wedding was such an awesome and amazing experience that I will never forget. I know I keep saying this but it was such an honor to be able to be part of their lives. Its something about the special day that when I get chosen as a wedding photographer to be able to capture amazing moments, it feels sooo good… soo good that I just want to brag how awesome it is to be part of such an important day of someones life.  I cant get over the fact that there are things in life we must cherish & photography is definitely one of these amazing things that I will always cherish & its something I had a passion for always and I always wanted to be able to be a part of something so special… & the best thing is that it gives me so much joy to be part of someones life.

Jeff & Natalie’s wedding took place in the heart of Ithaca NY in a beautiful wedding venue at Celebrations Banquet Facility. They had a gorgeous outside ceremony with such a lovely setup. The Celebrations Banquet Facility has an amazing back view that overlooks the beautiful scenery.  Immediately following the ceremony, we had an amazing time with the couple to capture some amazing moments (forgive me for using “amazing” so much.. after all it was truly “AMAZING”).


Their wedding was also featured on Style me pretty (the biggest & best inspirational wedding blog):



I also wanted to take the opportunity to showcase their wedding with much more images & I know its way too many images I should be showcasing but I just couldnt help it.


They have an amazing love story and one that will touch your heart, so read it & enjoy the photos as you imaging being the photographer and capturing these awesome memories.


From the bride:


“It was an instant connection and feeling that I only saw portrayed in movies. Whenever we were together, I felt like our relationship was a chick-flick that had come to life. My heart felt as if it smiled every time I saw or talked to him, and his kisses would make me feel dizzy. Although I had moved to Florida from Central New York, 1,358 miles couldn’t keep Jeff andme apart. We spent months traveling back and forth to be with each other (and hundreds of dollars!), until I made the commitment to relocate back home to live with him and to begin our life together. Less than a year later, we were engaged and planning the wedding of our dreams!

A few months before our wedding, I was diagnosed with thyroid cancer and an auto-immune disease. Two surgeries and a radiation treatment later, my body was left feeling weak and sick,but my heart still felt strong and appreciative for the man that was with methroughout all of this, keeping me positive the whole time. At one point we had considered eloping and canceling the traditional wedding, but we knew we would regret that decision. I am very happy to say that on a perfect Saturday afternoon in August, surrounded by loving friends and family, we became Mr. and Mrs. Jeffrey Chitambar in a ceremony that combined our love of the outdoors with the beauty and simplicity of the country.

Thousands of miles, and a life threatening disease couldn’t keep us apart. The love that we share for one another gets stronger every day and the happiness radiates through our facial expressions. These photographs captured every detail from our dream wedding day, and on a day that is over before you know it, this is priceless. We will always have those to cherish, and to help remind us of the love that overcame the wedding that almost wasn’t.”





Wedding Photography: Leo Timoshuk Photography

Ceremony & Reception Venue: Celebrations Banquet Facility

Wedding Design: DIY by Bride & Groom

Floral Design: Ithaca Flower Shop

Wedding Dress: Impression Bridal

Groom’s Suit & Shoes: Men’s Wearhouse

Cuff Links: Family Heirloom

Rings: Kay Jewelers and Perry Winkles Fine Jewelry

Bridesmaid Dresses: Alfred Angelo

Make-up: By Sister Nikki Midolo

Day-of Coordinator: John and Laurie at Celebrations

Catering:Celebrations Banquet Facility