Sneak Peek: Skaneateles Lakeside Summertime Bridal Photoshoot by Leo Timoshuk photography

Syracuse & Skaneateles lakeside fashion inspired shoot by Leo Timoshuk

Today I have something special for everyone. A sneak peek into a fabulous lakeside bridal shoot with efforts from a team of some of the most talented wedding professionals in the area what makes out to be the highlight of this summer! Featured on non other than the http://lovewellpost.com/ we bring you our Skaneateles nautical theme inspired wedding bridal shoot! I don’t have much to say but I will say this… check it out!!!


Well what can I say? Jaw dropping? gorgeous? lovely?

…this is what we call an inspiration! its just a glimpse, a sneak peek… you absolutely have to see the featured blog post here:



Syracuse & Skaneateles lakeside fashion inspired shoot by Leo TimoshukSyracuse & Skaneateles lakeside fashion inspired shoot by Leo TimoshukSyracuse & Skaneateles lakeside fashion inspired shoot by Leo TimoshukSyracuse & Skaneateles lakeside fashion inspired shoot by Leo Timoshuk


Intrigued? well there is a full blog post dedicated to this entire shoot here on the lovewellpost.com:


Please visit the lovewellpost.com & add your thoughts to this gorgeous shoot!


Featured in Syracuse Post Standard Newspaper & NY Engagement 101 Magazine

I have some awesome news to share today.

This past weekend I was traveling across the country for a few engagement and photo gigs. On Sunday I received several phone calls from friends of mine who asked if I was aware that I was in Syracuse’s local newspaper “the Post Standard”. I was shocked that it was released when I was away and at the same time so excited.. I mean I knew that I was going to be featured in the paper but didn’t realize that I was going to have four pages dedicated to me… well let’s just say that one of my weddings was featured and it’s really not dedicated to me but to the wonderful couple I worked with.. It was great to see my work featured in the paper, but I didn’t realize that it was going to be laid out so nice. Jennifer Creighton (from the Post Standard) who is also one of the nicest people I know contacted me a few months ago and it was very sweet of her to put so much effort into this amazing article. However, what’s a photograph or an article without an amazing couple!!! I would like to personally thank Natalie & Jeff who also took their time to put together their love story that became the highlight of Sunday’s paper in the wedding section. Once again, THANK YOU guys and it’s truly been an honor to have been part of your unbelievable journey.  It was a privilege to capture these special memories for you.


Well that’s not it…

Today I also received NY’s Engagement 101 magazine and I was so excited to have been featured with one of my very special couples, Patrick & Nikki. It’s really great to know that my hard work is paying off. There’s no greater feeling like getting a magazine or newspaper delivered to know that your work being recognized. I had the privilege to photograph Patrick & Nikki’s engagement last fall and to be honest, I have not shared the engagement session or blogged about it because it was selected to be featured on another wedding inspirational website & so I’m holding of. In the meantime, check out some of the few shots I took from the newspaper and magazine where my work was featured.  Again, all this recognition goes to all my couples that believe in me & trust me to capture these special memories… so special thanks to Patrick & Nikki!


proposal & engagment ideas ny wedding photographerSyracuse NY engagement photo ideas





Sneak Peek: Killer Sunet + Amazing Couple = One Hot Photo

Rochester NY engagement & wedding photographer

One of the things I realized is how little I blog compared to how active I am on Facebook. For those of you that are not following me on Facebook please visit my facebook fan page & “LIKE” the page. I have a lot of activity on my facebook page & constently I am posting sneak peeks almost daily so if you guys want to see some recent work, please visit & like my fanpage by clicking here: https://www.facebook.com/LeoTimoshukPhotography

One of the things I’m committing to is to blog on a regular basis. This will allow me to be more active with you as my visitors & showcase more of my work for those that don’t have facebook & for those that are not following me on facebook. There are however many weddings that I would love to share among other shoots but I have to refrain from sharing those because I submit my work to many on-line wedding inspirational blogs & they require that I don’t showcase my work before its featured… so this is kind of the reason why I was holding back on some of my shoots. There are many weddings, engagements, & inspirational shoots coming to the blog & my website & I look forward to sharing with all of you.

…as I think about how to establish a good blogging schedule I also realize even though I submit my work elsewhere to be featured, there is no reason why I cannot post sneak peeks… so one of the things I’m committing to is to post at least one or two sneak peeks a week. This will at least show a consistent a more consistent blogging schedule so that you guys can come back every week & see something fresh.

So yesterday I had the privilege of traveling to Rochester for an engagement photoshoot & we had soo many cool ideas & locations, I would love to share with all of you but for now just a sneak peek from one killer sunset photo.