For Wedding & Portrait Photographers


I’ve been getting many e-mails from other photographers asking what gear I use among many other things so I’ve decided to share this info.


To make things easier for you, I’ll be including a link directly to B&H Photo Video which will link directly to the products so that you will not have to search for them. B&H Photo Video is hands down the best place to order from with the best products, selection, as well as the best prices & customer service. If you do decide to purchase anything at B&H, please use any of my links just to go to B&H & then you can search for any of your own product that you can buy. What happens is, the links have a special code that adds up and over time they will be able to sponsor some gear only for rent when I participate in charitable events. I do not make any money from this nor do I benefit from this, its simply an awesome way for B&H to say thank you for bringing some awesome clients to them so please use my links in case you want to buy anything from B&H.


If there is anything not covered here that you’re still dying to know & you would love to learn more on specific details on equipment & how to use specific lighting, cameras, lenses or anything at all, feel free to visit my workshop page. I offer one-on-one workshops where I can help you learn so much more & help you with any questions you might have in regards to anything photography and/or business related. You may also use my Contact form to get in touch. Enjoy!


What camera bags do you use?

Lowepro Pro Roller x300 Case – my main bag. I love it. Everything fits inside but its way to big for travel.

Lowepro Pro Roller x100 Case – more convenient for travel & has reverse backpack insert that you can convert to a backback.

Tamrac 613 Super Pro 13 Shoulder Bag  – one of my original bags & still have it for backup today. I also use it sometimes as an additional travel bag. – here is a video from some friends on travel, bags, and gear :)


What camera, lenses, flashes, & any additional equipment  do you use?
Canon 1DX – My main body.
Canon 5D III – Two of these (one with me & one in the trunk – hey, you never know).

Canon 16-35mm /2.8 L – For more wide angle shots.
Canon 24mm /1.4 II L – Really sharp lens use for more wider shots & really awesome lens for reception/dancing.
Canon 35mm /1.4 L – Really sharp lens use for more wider shots & really awesome lens for reception/dancing.
Canon 50mm /1.2 L – Really awesome average lens, not too wide & not too telephoto, overall very sharp.
Canon 85mm /1.2 II L – really awesome portrait lens.

Canon EF 100mm f/2.8L Macro IS –  For ring shots and extra fine detail shots. Great portrait lens.

Canon 45mm /2.8 TSE – Tilt shift used for more creative shots.
Canon 70-200mm/2.8 II L – This lens is extremely sharp and has really awesome compression.

Canon Speedlite 600EX-RT – 4 of these, to allow me to be creative and allows me to have an awesome setup during reception (dancing).


Quantum Turbo SC Battery Pack – one of these with me during reception allows me not to worry about changing batteries on flash units.

RadioPopper PX Transmitter – Transmitter to flash units. Really reliable to use with any flash setup. Highly recommended.

RadioPopper PX Receiver – 3 receivers for my flash units. Really reliable to use with any flash setup. Highly recommended.

RadioPopper JrX System – Awesome manual radio flash trigger system that really allows for perfection & also used for backup.

PocketWizard FlexTT5– 3 of these back up transceiver radio slaves to use with my flash units as backup.

Lowel ID Video Light – One of my first video lights & still have it & love to use it for particular situations.

Compact LED Videolight / Flolight – Use for creative video lighting.

Manfrotto 055XPROB Tripod Stand – I also have a this awesome stand to use for studio & on-location photobooths.


And of course the back of all backups…

Canon PowerShot G1 X – The back up to the back up in a secret hiding place (ok, although I really do have one… this is a joke :)).


I have a few cheetah stands that I setup during the reception to get some awesome lighting, I also have the Photek Background Support System that I use for my photobooth with the Elinchrom D-Lite-4 IT 400Ws 2-Light To Go Set, you can get some awesome backdrops from Drop It Modern or WHCC Backdrops.

I also love using my video lights in the dark to bring some awesome & creative lighting out.


Computer + Software
I use both PC & MAC computers in my office & studio. The PCs have served me well throughout the years but the Macs are much more reliable, One of my computers is setup with dual monitors using 30″Apple Cinema Displays (they are no longer available), My second setup is a 17″ Macbook Pro with a 27″  Thunderbolt Display. I take my data very serious & back everything up into several hard drives including on-line storage through Backblaze. All my data is archived & backed up with “Raid 1”  mirror redundancy just in case one hard drive fails, I’m still safe with another, If both hard drives fail, we still have on-line backup that we can rely on – we are pretty serious when it comes to storage & data backing up data. I have about a dozen or more memory cards ranging from 32 gigabytes down to 8gb which are stored in several places after they get filled up. Memory cards are extremely important to me & I shoot with cameras that allow me to capture photos into 2 memory cards at the same time. I have an awesome workflow and all my images are culled through Photo Mechanic.  I process all my raw photos through Adobe Lightroom, and most detailed post-processing occurs in Adobe Photoshop using a combination of techniques that I learned to use throughout the years that help me achieve the perfect touch.


I also use Zenfolio for on-line proofing and it also allows my couples to share the custom url of the event with their families, friends, and guests.


My branding, blog and websites
I was really happy when in the summer of 2011, the super awesome Flosites team was able to help me with my re-branding .  I really recommend having a professional images of your business no matter what it is. The way you present & showcase your portfolio to others speaks many words & many times, we fail to realize that the way we are presenting ourselves to others, might actually be hurting us rather than helping us. I highly recommend hiring a professional company that specializes in re-branding in your type of field of work for a complete renewal of your portfolio every few years to stay fresh & current in this techy world.


One of the best things I’ve invested in my business and will never regret is the branding that I’ve done with Flosites. It was an awesome experience & I learned so much that it actually helped me understand what branding really is (by the way, branding is not just a new site). It has helped me tremendously for my business and my career. Thanks to Ross and the Flosites team.


Some other vendors that I LOVE
Photography insurance – The Hartford through Hill & Usher is the best photography insurance providers that cover theft, damage,

and lawsuits. If you don’t have any photographery insurance, I’d reconsider. :)

Album Company – I use Renaissance  for my wedding albums.

Family Albums – I use Finao for family albums & senior albums. I also purchase some stuff from GraphiStudio & WHCC.

Photography Labs – Two really great photo labs by Mpix & ProDpi.

Canvas Prints – Two really awesome places that I can recommend is WHCC & Simply Color Lab.

Website Hosting Company – Really awesome reliable hosting company by Just Host.

On-line Backup – nothing better than Backblaze.

My Raid “1” mirror backup system setup with G-Tech Hard Drives.


Do you have a studio?
Photography is my career (& I have a really strong passion for it) & I’m pretty excited to say that I run my business from my home office because its more convenient for me & I have part of my home setup with my studio. I am actually in the process of acquiring a studio not to far from my current home office. More details to come soon.


Do you have 2nd shooters and/or assistants?

We have an awesome team consisting of myself, a 2nd shooter, and a assistant but it all depends on what my couples are looking for. Although I love to shoot by myself & most of the time my assistant is always with me, but I often ask my 2nd shooter &/or assistant(s) to help with certain events that really require a few people & because it makes it that much more easier.